Inspire Me Thursday

How to Find Creativity

Even those who are blessed with a strong sense of creativity may lack inspiration and motivation at times. This blog will seek to encourage new ideas and different methods of finding creativity in all fields. Exciting articles will delve into mindful observation, changing the environment, taking a creative stroll, recharging curiosity, and trying blue sky thinking. Creative readers will undoubtedly enjoy discovering how to incorporate design thinking into their projects, why they should practice as often as possible, and allow themselves to daydream. Finally, this blog will show how the above ideas will lead to a new creativity portfolio.

What Are the Barriers to Creativity?

25 Mar 2022

When striving to be more creative, you may unintentionally set up barriers that hinder you. Surprisingly, lack of sleep can be the main culprit in stifling your creativity, as your brain will struggle to think of any new ideas unless it is well-rested.

What Is the Definition of Creativity?

15 Feb 2022

When talking of creativity, most people think of it in artistic terms, such as paintings, sculptures, or writing. But in reality, the definition of creativity is simply finding new and innovative ways of looking at things, perhaps to inspire others or even change the world!

Why is Creativity Important?

7 Jan 2022

Without creativity, the world today would be a very different place. Invention and creative thinking allow you to be more confident and self-reliant by coming up with solutions to problems yourself. Exploring new thoughts and ideas can lead to more creativity in all aspects of life.

Exercises for Creative Thinking

3 Dec 2021

Creativity does not always come naturally and may require some encouragement through thinking exercises. Ideally, you should set aside a specific time to do this and try and come up with 10 new ideas every day. Try looking at a familiar item and visualize it in a different way.