The Rich History of Coffee

In modern America coffee is as common a beverage as water. There are whole aisles dedicated to it at the grocery store and coffee shops on nearly every corner. We even buy fancy coffee machines that allow us to brew it from the comfort of home. However as much as we drink it, most of us probably don’t know the history behind this delicious drink.

The earliest story of human’s consuming coffee is probably more legend than truth. Supposedly Kaldi, an Arabian shepherd from the 13th century, noticed his flock of goats vigorously eating the fruit from a green shrub. Wondering what all the fuss was about he tried it and immediately noticed their stimulating effects. He then took it to a local monastery where they condemned its use and threw it in the fire. However the aroma began to fill the air and they decided to use the roasted fruit in water and thus the first cup of coffee was born.

While this story may or may not be true, coffee is known to have been used in parts of Africa as early as the 17th century. From there it spread to Yemen, Egypt, and the Middle East. Eventually it made it’s way through Europe and to the Americas.

Even though the first coffee came from Ethiopia, most of today’s coffee comes from South America. The climate is ideal for growing coffee plants.

So the next time you are sipping on your favorite cup of joe, you can appreciate its long history and what it took to get it here.