Famously Resting in Las Vegas

It might be one of the more obscure corners of celebrity hunger, where any sign of a famous person becomes something of interest. There are those who make their lives, or at least lifetime hobbies, out of pursuing the rich and famous. Maps to celebrity homes, and keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip and celebrity sightings, are just part of the whole trick and trade.

There are certainly some places where a celebrity sighting is more likely than others. A stay in Las Vegas Hotels usually involves a brush with someone that’s been on television or in films, and if they don’t happen to be guests in the hotel, there are likely candidates in the live entertainment. There are also some who come to Las Vegas for a much more assured celebrity sighting. Sonny Liston is a good example. He was buried here, and his site can be visited most any time.

There are those who have decided on making Las Vegas their final resting place, and it falls into the realm of nostalgia, where one might like to be placed near the ocean or in a forest. This city does have a pull on people that can last beyond a lifetime.