Future Shock and Expert Advice

When was the last time you needed expert advice? Whether it’s changing a car tire, figuring out finances, or managing your time between a new position, a new apartment, and a new baby, we all need to find information that we don’t know. In the past, such advice was in the hands of professors and doctors, or mechanics and repairmen. But the world people live in today is complicated. Even forty years ago, people thought they were living in an overwhelming, changing age, not quite certain what the future worlds of 2001 or 2010 might bring.

In 1970, this feeling of being overwhelmed by the rapid rate of social and technological change was given a name, Future Shock , and explored in a book by the same name. The book, written by Alvin Toffler, described that the majority of social problems were symptoms of future shock, and he popularized the term “information overload.” It’s simply impossible today to know everything one needs to know to get through the month, much less a life time of changing circumstances.

With the power of the Internet, though, and on-line expert advice sites, the technology of the world actually makes the world a little more manageable by allowing you to ask any expert you want any question, and receive an answer in a timely manner, which may also ease your own future shock, until the next information challenge arises.