Paycheck to Paycheck Living During a Recession

One of the many problems with living paycheck to paycheck, is that should something happen such as a car breaking down, or the need to go to the doctor, that could send an individual into a downward spiral that may eventually lead to being unable to make the mortgage payment.  Should this repeated happen one will end up in default on their loan.  And current status of the economy is providing evidence of just that, as there continues to be a raise in foreclosures.  Toronto , residents are experiencing, as well as the rest of the country, and it has become a national crisis in the United States as well.

moneyA study done by Career Builders has revealed that in the United States, the current percentage of citizens that are living this way, from one check to the next, is just about fifty percent.  And less and less workers are finding themselves able to deposit any money into a saving account.  They are living lives without a safety net.  One solution most people say, is to get a pay raise.  For many questioned about it, just five hundred extra dollars each month would set them at ease.

One way people may attempt to manage their situations is by seriously keeping track of monthly expenses .  After totaling up the essentials such as rent or a mortgage payment, take note of just how much one spends on going out for coffee, or spending the afternoon at the movies.  And even though it is tough to turn down a job offer in this current climate, one really needs to look at the pay rate, and compare to how much they need, not only to pay the bills, but the necessities of each and every day.  By taking an active role in the end of the check to check way of life, one will see results.

article provided by Elyse Thoms, a financial writer whose writing appears on blogs and money management sites

Kolkata’s Cynical Recess

For savvy travelers, our five-star Kolkata hotels offer some of the most lovely amenities available in contemporary accommodation.  Much like the city itself, our hotels offer a unique blend of the old world and the new, with excellence in hospitality and technology.  Guests will find themselves well-connected to the world at large, and in a setting where escaping from the world in absolute luxury is also possible.  Design here is at a premium, and style meets substance in a very happy marriage of tastes.  Not to mention the excellent food, reliable customer service that is always friendly and gracious, and all the creature comforts that make life worth living, these are truly exceptional places that will leave you remembering your stay for a lifetime.

KolkataCarsKolkata is a fascinating city with an extremely rich history.  One of the longest continually-inhabited places on the planet, there is a constant buzz of activity here.  And there is always something to do, day or night, so whether a rich experience with the family or an exciting time after dark are on the menu, Kolkata will accommodate.  There is an excellent cultural scene, with the film industry here, fantastic visual artists creating new worlds with paint and photography, and music.  There is an amazing scene for traditional music, with some of the best players in the country gracing clubs and music halls.  There is also an upcoming contemporary music scene, and Cynical Recess is one of the hottest new groups.

Born and bred in Kolkata, with five performers and their own engineer, Cynical Recess plays a style of music that is a kind of socially conscious 80’s rock with tendencies toward both progressive and alternative rock.  They have won a number of competitions, and played a god number of shows, since they formed in December of 2008.  Their lead vocalist, Abhishek, came with a generous supply of kudos for his lead vocals before joining their ranks.  It is an exciting music, with energy and conscience.  Having been noticed by the likes of the Telegraph, Cynical Recess is off to a sweeping start, with enormous promise.

Why Do Customers Complain?

Customer complaints management is important. Businesses can learn the reasons why their customers complain and look for solutions.  Customer complaints management enables higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Staff must be trained in the best practices for handling customer complaints and invest in complaint handling software .  Each customer interaction must be done with empathy and a real strong motivation to listen to the customer.  It should include a one on one interaction with a relaxed and non threatening approach.  An apology should be included at the start of the exchange.

A full set of notes should be prepared in the consumer complaint software that you are using – and during the interaction give the customer frequent summaries of what you are including.  Take responsibility for the problem and outline the steps that will be involved in your research and resolution.  Let them know the time frame and when you will contact them.

It is important that you follow up at the assigned date.  This shows the customer that you are really interested in them and their problems.  You can also take a proactive approach by contacting your customers regularly – not just when they have a problem.

Inspiring story of young girl who lost all her hair at 19

I loved this story of a courageous young girl who lost all of her hair at only 19.  The video tells the story of her hair loss and the joy of seeing her hair grow back only to lose it again.  What I found so brave and remarkable was her decision not to wear a wig again when her hair fell out for the second time.  Women are often defined by the way they look and so many women place enormous amounts of self worth on the way their hair looks.  Men do not have bad hair days, only women.  Men do not get out of bed and think they are worthless because their hair doesn’t look good.  Women put all this pressure on themselves and some women shave their heads to free their spirit from this unhealthy obsession with hair.

You see the full story of this remarkable girl called Rebecca on My Big Fat Hair

Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney

Sydney, Australia is not only the country’s largest and most populous cities it is also one of the most worldly famous and most popular tourist destinations. And this is true for a number of reasons, though many of them have to do with the incredible cultural establishments and attractions that are located there. The Sydney Opera House is one of the iconic performance arts centers and while its name associates it with opera, it is actually the home of some of the country’s most distinguished theatre and ballet companies.

And for people who enjoy mixing their cultural experiences with nature, there are the Royal Botanic Gardens. These gardens are actually part of three different major botanic gardens, though these are the most centrally located and prominent. The others are the Mount Annan Botanic Garden and the Mount Tomah Botanic Garden. The parks, in addition to their amazing beauty, offer free access to the public and are open every day of the year. They Pyramid Glass House is one of the major attractions associated with the gardens and is an amazing visual spectacle. Another interesting garden element for many of the guests in the Sydney hotels are the Grey Headed Flying Foxes that can frequently been seen roosting in the trees.

The Colorado Ballet in Denver

Denver is known for a quite a few reasons and while the most famous of them have to do with either its geography or major sports teams, the city itself is incredibly full of great cultural elements and fabulous entertainment options. It is not only the largest city in the state of Colorado, but it is also one of the top tourist destinations, surpassing even some of the most famous ski resorts. The best Denver hotels provide luxury accommodations and are also excellent information resources on the top entertainment options and major attractions in the city.

The Colorado Ballet is based in Denver and is currently celebrating its 50th season. This is an impressive milestone for any establishment and when it’s arts related it also testifies to the quality and standard of excellence it presents. The anniversary also emphasizes the fact that it is one of Denver’s oldest arts establishments. It was originally established as an educational institution and was founded by two Denver natives Lillian Covillo and Freidann Parker .

Through the decades it has expanded and become the incredible performance based organization it is today and retains its focus on training and educating new generations of dancers. The school was actually established in 1950 and began presenting performances a decade later. The initial intention behind the early shows was to present a showcase performance for the students and the first public performance occurred in 1960.

Phoenix Coffee Hangouts

No big city should be allowed to exist if it doesn’t have a coffee shop that’s open late. There are always the 24 restaurants and donut shops that can provide a safe haven for those who like to peek into the world when no one else is looking, but a true coffee house is something more. It’s not only an alternative to the bar scene, but it’s part of a tradition that’s all over Europe and Latin America, where intellectuals and artists can go to discuss their theories and obsessions.

Increasingly, the coffee house is also a friendly neighborhood hangout, where like-minded people can gather, people can hold business meetings, and those who work on laptops can come to be around other people, even if they are just focusing on their work. They’re also a nice haven for out of town guests, looking to soak in the local charm while enjoying a coffee and a pastry in the middle of their sight-seeing. For all the luxury hotels Arizona ‘s prided itself in for all these years, the coffee house has just started making waves.

In the 80s, there were a few places that people could go, like the now-defunct Willow House, but these were few and far-between. The anarchist-collectives running them weren’t always organized, either, logically, and it was hit and miss whether they’d be open. But now there are plenty to choose from, and the offerings are really top notch.

Fair Trade Cafe is a great example of a coffee house embedded in the community. They do offer only fair trade, hence the name, and it’s roasted by a group in Tucson. The clientele enjoys the friendly atmosphere, and it’s a nice place to get some work done, as well as find out what’s happening in the local community. Lola’s has two locations in downtown Phoenix, and both are lovely spaces with equal parts funk and ambience. The baristas pick the music, so spending time here is also an education in musical tastes. Lux , like Lola’s, roasts their own, and they use a machine that roasts only 7 pounds at a time. The result is a splendid cup, and the baked goods are out of this world. Lots of great choices.

Who Needs Beaches When There’s Rock Climbing in Miami?

The X-treme Rock Climbing Center in Miami, is the perfect activity for any visitor, whether from out of the country, or out of state it’s hard to stay in shape while playing hard in Miami. Unless you like rock-climbing, then this is a perfect opportunity for you; the X-treme Rock Climbing is one of the best places to climb in the US. It has a variety of difficulty levels placed all over their 14,000 square foot facility. Rock climbing will take you out of your routine workout doldrums and bring in excitement.

The facility has many amenities, including top rope and lead climbing, textured climbing walls, and a great bouldering area. You can also sign up for yoga classes, use their wireless Internet connection, and before climbing, warm-up at their fitness center. The center also offers beginners and advance classes as well as rock climbing clinics. Once there, you will find an on-site pro shop, affordable equipment rentals and there’s plenty of supervision on hand. There’s something for everyone, so bring the entire family or just bring yourself. You’ll find the roofs and overhangs add a nice challenge if you’re an experienced climber, but their USA Climbing Certified route setters are there especially for the beginner. They also offer finger boards and campus boards for those who want to build finger strength.

Located at 13972 Southwest 139th Court, X-treme Rock Climbing Center is conveniently located near any hotel Miami USA offers its international guests. You’ll leave the center excited and wanting to come back everyday you’re here in Miami. If you’ve been to X-treme before, come back again, they change the routes frequently, so there is something new for regulars to climb. Hours are Monday and Wednesday – 3pm to 10pm; Tuesday and Thursday – 11am to 10pm; Friday 11am to 11pm; Saturday – 10am to 10pm and on Sunday – 10am to 8pm.

Southwestern Love Story

There are some companies that you look into and you wonder why you never applied there for a job. Southwestern Company is often one of those companies. They don’t just build up people, or a company but they have built a community that cares for one another. The great thing about them too though is that you can work for and be a part of this community without working directly for the company. They have a lot of businesses that they will refer people to because one of their alumni has started their own company. They also rely on these companies for a lot of the workings of their own company.

Alumni have made companies in all aspects of business including consulting, investments & finance, fine art, executive search, fundraising, publishing and insurance which means that they have a lot of resources at their fingertips. These companies only came about after several summers of being out in the sun working hard, selling books door to door for Southwestern Company . That is probably the reason why you never signed up with them. It is the reason why a large number of people never signed up with them. There is something about this kind of hard work that really builds character, however very few people really want to do it. Part of it is probably because of each person’s memories of other door to door sales people, or their parent’s reactions to door to door sales people. Depending on the family it ranged from fear, to distaste, right through to being glad to see them each year even though they were never the same sales people.

The truth is that for most people it is the first summer that is usually the hardest. If you make it through that and find that you still want to be selling books you are probably going to not just do well but do very well. After one summer you know how to run your own business and make it successful. That is the real key that each of the alumni have learned. You also have made bonds of friendship that can not be broken because no one else knows what it was like out there on your own with no one but your group. In the end it turns out the Southwestern is more than just a company, they are a story of love and a story of growing up and they pass that story on to each person they hire.

Honolulu is Divine

There are too many famous and interesting people in the world today, and it helps make things go around in a very lovely way. Some cities seem to have higher concentrations of citizens who go on to do remarkable things. With Manhattan, it’s the energy that inspires people, but it’s also the sheer numbers making a higher probability for an interesting life. In Honolulu, it could be numbers, and it could be the landscape that inspires, but it certainly seems to be a place where greatness gets born. The Honolulu best hotels provide an excellent vantage point for anything inspiring, and may lead to some great ideas, but at the very least it offers a wonderful time.

For Bette Midler , it is a great place to be born, surely. She was hatched here, on December 1 in 1945, putting her at the beginning of a time where ideas were being shaped in remarkable ways. With her talent, however, it is likely that this remarkable voice would have done well being born anywhere. But Honolulu was a spectacular beginning, and she was able to indulge in her passions when she was growing up, which eventually led her to a small role in the film “Hawaii,” which got her enough funds to move to New York.

The rest of her story is history, but she was born into the heart of history. Her next big role was in ” Fiddler on the Roof ,” and her stage work took an unexpected turn. Her sister came from the island to see her on stage, and was killed by a car on her way to the theatre. It shook up Bette enough to make her rethink her place in the order of things, and she turned her life from ensemble work to performing solo. This is where she found the momentum to spin the wheels of her charismatic stage personas, and lead to a string of wildly successful projects. For someone who would sing the song that closed out the Johnny Carson version of the tonight show, this road was a long way from Honolulu, and maybe not so far after all.