Tips for Newlyweds on How to Make Love Last

Candle-lit dinners, holding hands on the beach, gazing deep into each other’s eyes, planning your future together; the very definition of wedded bliss. There will be no problems in your marriage, no way, not you two!

Then reality strikes… work, bills, children, stomach flu, cars breaking down, mother-in-laws, dirty, stinky laundry, puppy presents on the carpet, eek! So how do you make love last when the going gets tough?

Once you have heard the song “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” sung by Aretha Franklin you will have trouble getting it out of your head, it will play over and over and over! But for some reason, as marriages age, we seem to forget this 7 letter word. Most people start treating their spouse like Abbot treats Costello. Maybe we should listen to “RESPECT” on a daily basis.

Laugh your way through life. Laugh at yourself, laugh at mistakes, and find humor in all situations. Don’t make fun of your spouse, now that is just not funny! But do laugh together. And while you’re cleaning that present your puppy left you on the carpet, it may not seem funny at the time, but later the two of you will laugh at it!

Money is cited as the number one reason for divorce. Opposites often attract; it is common to have a spender marry a saver. When you planned your wedding or your honeymoon, you may have already discovered some of the differences in the way the two of you view money. Discuss money, discuss it often, and come up with a plan. Be prepared for that day the spender spends your last 100 dollars! Plan, discuss, plan, discuss….and never, never talk money in the bedroom!

Many marriages have failed due to pride. Either one partner or the other refuses to compromise. Whatever is upsetting you, ask yourself is it really that important in the long run? Give in a little; it will go a long way in sustaining your marriage and keeping the love flowing.

No one can underestimate the value of date nights. Do plan on keeping them throughout your marriage, particularly once children are involved. Don’t forget surprises and gifts; keep charming that special someone all throughout life!

Respect, laughter, communication, compromise and date nights work together for a fabulous marriage. You married your best friend, your soul mate, your lover, now go forth and conquer the world.

Oliva Jones is a health, fitness, beauty and relationship blogger…and also a self- proclaimed hopeless romantic. She writes on a variety of topics from Botox injections to natural beauty. She is also a strong believer in making love last and tries to incorporate as many of these tips as she can into her daily life.