Redecorating A Room Can Be Therapeutic

The decoration and arrangement of a room can affect a person’s mood or outlook on life. Redecoration of a room can be rather therapeutic, as it represents a change from an old way of life or mindset into a new and fresh way to live life. To change the mood or vibe of a room does not need drastic change but rather a few carefully planned adjustments will make a world of difference.

Color has been proven to have an effect on mood. Bright, warm colors such as yellow, red and orange usually give off a warm, inviting, and cozy vibe, whereas cool colors like green, blue and purple create a relaxing and serene feel. Changing the color of the room is a great idea because it will change the way you feel about the room as well. If the room was previously a boring or drab color then why not add a pop of color which will give the room more of a personality. There are also ways to play with multiple colors in a room, a great way to do this is to paint three of the walls one color and then paint the fourth wall a different color. Utilizing more than one color will add an aesthetic appeal and will bring out the furniture and accessories in the room.

Lighting is also a great way to set the tone of a room. A bright, cheerful room will lift spirits and will provide motivation. One great way to add lighting to a room is to get new blinds. Window blinds will block out the sun when you don’t want it to fade the furniture but will let it all shine in when you need a little sunshine. New blinds will also make the room look new and fresh. There are many window treatment companies such as, Next Day Blinds, which offer many different styles of blinds to fit the motif you are looking to create. Putting in new lamps as well as overhead lighting is another great way to light up a room. They will add the necessary lighting but will also add to the design and flare of the room.

A room can be a place or relaxation or rejuvenation but it should never be a cause of sorrow or depression. It’s time to take that step in the right direction and make a change that will affect your mindset and mood. Taking a room and transforming it into a place you want to be in instead of a place you dread to be in.

Teaching Your Kids Tolerance

Children are not born hating certain people, situations, or issues, but they can easily pick up on the intolerance shown by influential people in their lives. It is very important to learn the best ways for teaching your kids tolerance, before they learn the opposite. It is far easier to teach tolerance than to unlearn intolerance! Here are some helpful ways to teach kids how to deal with differences in others.

Do not be intolerant. They will mimic what they see in you, as parent or primary caregiver, so watching what you do is the most important tip of all. It can be hard to tolerate the opinions, ideas, thoughts, and lifestyles of everyone that you meet, but there is nothing that says you have to agree. You just have to be willing to be tolerant, which means not openly voicing your disagreement, especially in a hateful way.

Teach them how to “agree to disagree.” This means that they can express their disagreement in a kind, tolerant manner. If we were all the same, the world would be a boring place. Let kids know that they are welcome to voice how they believe or what they think nicely, making sure not to frown upon what others are expressing. This is a great way to teach tolerance at the same time.

Expose them to other cultures early. When you let them see other cultures and lifestyles from an early age, they will be far more tolerant of people who are different. This does not mean exposing them to potentially dangerous situations, such as taking them to the Middle East on vacation while there is a travel warning, but there is nothing wrong with having friends who are from entirely different cultures than your family. Most major cities have areas devoted to different cultures, like Chinatown for instance, and this makes it very easy to show them something different.

Let them make up their own minds. It is very tempting to try to convince your children to believe like you do, and this is a very common event in households all over the world. In fact, handing belief systems from one generation to the next is the norm for almost every culture, but with it can come some negative beliefs that should not be passed to our kids. Instead, teach them what you believe but make sure that they understand that there are other ways to believe.

Do not just let them make friends with people who believe like your family. We often discourage our children from making friends with children who are of different faiths, ethnicities, or with different family dynamics. Our society is such a melting pot of cultures that it is not uncommon to see four or more religions represented in the same classroom, not to mention ethnicities or sexual orientations. Let them make friends with people who will be true friends, not based on any other factor.

Be willing to be open-minded. Adults tend to be more stubborn about what people they will be friends with, and this strictness trickles down to the children, teaching them that there is nothing wrong with excluding people based on criteria that the potential friend often cannot control. It may be a little awkward at first, but be willing to be open-minded about who your child is friends with, even if it means expanding your own horizons a bit. The only friendships that you should discourage are those that lead to dangerous situations.

Do not make up your child’s mind for him! This is another very important tip. Feelings get hurt in friendships sometimes, but do not use this as a way to discourage an otherwise healthy relationship. We may start out open-minded, but at the first opportunity try to discourage the friendship subtly to avoid problems that we do not want to deal with. Wounded feelings heal, and this is an important part of growing up and maturing. Encourage the relationships that last a lifetime, even if they are not with people that you would have chosen for your child.

Melanie Wymer is also a work at home mom of four active children ranging in age from two to eight years old. Tips are based on her own life experiences growing up in different cultures and making friends that were unique in each.

A Clear Home Makes Peace of Mind

Is this a cleanliness-next-to-godliness post? Not exactly. This is a post about how to use something as simple—and cheap—as a storage unit to clear your mind.

I didn’t link to the storage unit, but Google them to get prices. I want to prove a very simple point very early on: this does not require a huge investment. You don’t even know what “this” is yet, but in our economy, the dollar is the most important thing to me and you. Keep reading to find peace of mind without giving away a huge piece of your paycheck.

Clear Space = Free Thinking

It’s a phenomenon that works across myriad platforms—the more space you have, the more you can get done. Clear a computer’s RAM of all the clutter, and your computer can suddenly load a page before you can even click on it. Clear an engine’s EGR valves of all the gunk, and your power and performance go through the roof. (We’re getting to the storage unit in a second—just hang on to that little bit of info.)

When your mind is involved, this principle works across a few different platforms. Clear your inbox at work, and you can breathe a little easier when your boss walks by. Clear your credit card of all your debt, and you can sleep at night. But the easiest way to clear away the clutter is one of the most ignored, and that’s clearing away the real, actual, literal clutter sitting right next to your computer as you read this post.

A Clear House Is Possible

I’m avoiding the word “clean” on purpose here. “Clean” can be very ambiguous, especially when the two sexes start arguing about what qualifies as a “clean” shower. What I want to highlight is a clear space, or one where the odds and ends are out of sight and therefore (you guessed it) out of mind.

But some people simply don’t have the space to put all of the stuff they have accumulated. Maybe you just need a little (or a lot) more square footage to really achieve the clarity of space that brings the clarity of mind. The problem is that no one really has the money for the bigger mortgage that comes with a bigger space.

You’re right. You need more square footage without footing another few hundred a month in interest, principle, taxes, insurance, yadayadayada. And when a storage unit in Los Angeles, CA, only costs $40-some-odd bucks, how much do you think you can get a storage unit for in your town?

The Savoir-faire of Clearing Your Mind

Here’s how you do it: go through everything in your house—from your socks to your kitchen wares—and decide whether something is summer, winter, or in-between. Be harsh. Be brutal. Dare to call a pair of socks “winter” just to get them out of your space. It’s your call to leave or keep the “in-between” pile, but I strongly advise you to pack it up and cart it off to a storage unit for 6 months. Then don’t think about it. You can switch out your house on a Saturday afternoon in October and repeat the cycle.

Here’s what you’ve accomplished: you completely cleared your house of all that stuff that you don’t need but you can’t really throw away. You regained a solid 500 square feet of space (at least), and just like emptying your inbox at work and clearing your credit card, you have the clear home that gives you a clear mind.

Bonne chance!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jared Heath is a freelance writer whose wife and LA storage units saved him from his destructively over-cluttered lifestyle. He now writes as an advocate of clear spaces and justice for all.


Map Pinboard Helps Reinforce Postive Outlook

A great way to keep a positive outlook is to create a map pinboard. While it will be visually appealing and add a fun look to your room it will also help you to reflect on the past, enjoy the present, and look forward to the future.

So what is a map pinboard you might ask? Well, it is a way to track where you have been and where you want to go. You can either make it yourself or buy one. While buying one is the easier way, making one yourself might give a sense of accomplishment.

To make it yourself you will need a corkboard, adhesive and a large map that will fill the corkboard. You can choose what type of map you want to use, for example, a world map or a country map. You can even get custom maps made, which would allow you to focus in on a certain area or region. Then you will want to take the map and attach it to the corkboard using the adhesive and let it dry. Once it is dry, hang it on the wall or wherever you deem is best.

Once you have your map pinboard, take pins of different colors and stick one color in all the cities or places you have been, then choose a different color and put pins in places that you loved or would want to go back to, and lastly put a different color in places that you want to visit.

This pinboard acts as a way to see where you have been and reflect on the great memories and trips of the past but also allows you to dream and plan for the future. A board like this will not only serve as inspiration and motivation for you but it will also make a great decoration for your room.

Proper Care of Tungsten and Other Jewelry

There are a few commitments that go along with the purchase of fine jewelry. And one of the most common is the continued payment plan that will go along with it. Another standard need is the proper care of the jewelry piece. Different precious gemstones and various metals require different care options, though almost every nice piece of jewelry does have specific cleaning and care aspects.

One of the great aspects of tungsten carbide rings is that not only do they typically avoid the high cost that has years of monthly payments attached, but also they are extremely easy to keep clean and shiny. This is due to their indestructible strength and the permanent polished shine that goes along with it. Tungsten carbide rings are made from the toughest metal and shined with a diamond compound. This keeps the ring strong and forever polished.

For most other fine jewelry pieces, and to some extent the tungsten carbide rings though they above all others will be maintenance free, it is recommended to store the items in a dry, clean space. It is a good idea to wrap the individual pieces in their own cloth or tissue piece , though this is not essential. Various metals and gems will have their own recommended care instructions, and you should research the specifics of each of your pieces. Jewelry is a precious aspect of our lives and frequently associated with loved ones and their generosity. With the proper care and storage it should last a lifetime.

Standard and Optional Features for Home Safes

There are so many varieties of safes and various features and assets as well as with the locking devices that secure them, that making the decision on a specific home option can be confusing to some people. The good news is that this actually means there is the perfect design model and feature accessory for your needs and all you will need to do is consult with the professional service staff and they will lead you in the right direction.

Meanwhile, some of the most standard personal preference decisions that you will need to make involve the various choices of locking devices. This is because the actual safe model will depend primarily on your safety needs. For instance, the size and any particular shape designs will be oriented toward the amount of items you need to store as well as the type, meaning size and shape, of them. In addition, any environmental factors, such as the need for waterproofing , will be a predetermined necessity.

With that in mind, there are a variety of standard lock options for safes. Some models will have a specific lock already included, however, others will provide the consumer with an option. Some of the standard varieties include the digital numeric code and the traditional combination. However, you can also get much more technologically sophisticated with the bio-finger print option. Regardless of the lock you choose, you can trust the quality and security of your new home safe.

3 Excellent Foods to Try With the Food Dehydrator

The food dehydrator is a great tool for preparing preserved foods for later use. These foods do not have to be refrigerated, and they can be stored in air-tight containers or bags for weeks if the seal is not broken. One thing to remember with all of these foods is the fact that they lose a significant amount of volume through the dehydration process so plan accordingly.

1. Meat

Possibly the most popular dehydrated food is jerky. With a dehydrator, you can custom make jerky in almost an infinite amount of different combinations. The key ingredient in any good jerky is, of course, the meat and quality counts when making excellent jerky. The meat can come from a variety of sources including beef, chicken, elk, deer, and buffalo. It is extremely important to focus on the very lean cuts of meat. Fatty meat will quickly turn the jerky rancid.

Another thing to look for is very fresh meat that is dark red and devoid of any odor. Probably the most popular cut to make beef jerky is London Broil. The other key ingredient in excellent jerky that also can be used with some fruits as well is the use of marinades. In addition to providing flavoring, a good marinade will help denature the proteins of the meat. This makes the jerky more tender.

2. Apples

Another popular food is dehydrated apple slices. It is important to note that fruit becomes very sticky during the dehydration process so using a dehydration screen is recommended. Fruit can be dehydrated with or without additional flavorings. The dehydrated apples are usually treated with either lemon juice or an ascorbic acid mixture prior to dehydration to prevent the apples from browning. They can also be sprinkled with cinnamon or other tasty flavorings before dehydrating.

3. Fruit

The third excellent food is fruit leathers. Fruit leathers usually require a special tray to make that fits in the dehydrator. These are important so you don’t ruin the dehydrator. They can be a fun healthy alternative to the commercially produced version. Simply puree whole fruit without the seeds, and dehydrate. If needed, one could add honey to sweeten the mixture.

Dehydrating is fun, and it can produce some excellent food for long term storage. These are just three of the basics things that can be made. These components can be integrated with other items  to make trail mixes and such. After the basics are mastered, experimentation with other tasty dehydrator recipes will produce some tasty treats.

Make Safety a Priority in Your New Pool

Any recreational activity carries a degree of risk to it. Owning a backyard pool means that the risk doesn’t stop when people climb out. Making sure that everyone understands how to safely use the pool and how to secure it against accidents when not in use, should be a top priority.

Many states with high concentrations of pools (think California, Florida, and other warm-climate areas) have laws requiring safety fences to secure pools from stray children. Drowning is the number one or number two cause of death for children under five in these states. In addition to the fence, there needs to be a standing rule that children are never left unattended anywhere near the pool. Not for a minute. Not for a second. This supervision should include making sure children stay in the shallow part of the pool and that inflatable toys are child-safe.

Other obvious pool safety tips include making sure that all toys are used properly and stored safely when not in use. No running near the pool, as the deck may be slippery. Diving is only allowed if the pool is deep enough (your
Houston pool builder will let you know this during the planning of the pool). Nightime swimming should only be allowed if there is adequate lighting. Lastly, keep track of any chemical treatments of the pool water, as some require the pool to go unused for a certain period of time until the chemical dissolves.