Doing It Yourself Great for Self-Image

Having a do-it-yourself attitude and taking care of car problems can not only save some money, it also helps boost your self-confidence and your self-image. Though you might not be particularly handy or think that you’ll be able to fix a car, it just takes some time and practice.

Before long you’ll be able to tinker with the best of them and get a bit of self confidence to boot.

How To Get Started

Car repairs don’t have to be difficult, but you should know your limits. It’s important to start small with things like changing the fluid and checking the oil. By starting out slow and with minor repairs you’ll get more familiar with your car’s layout and how it works. You should read some books on car engines to get a better idea of what you’re doing and the consequences of making a mistake. This will save you the trouble of making a mistake and possibly injuring yourself or damaging the car.

When you first start learning how to fix a car you should ask for some help. One of the best ways to learn something is by having someone show you how to do it. Most people have friends or relatives that know a little something about cars. Try asking around to get see who knows what and then go from there.

There are also many tutorials on youtube or videos that you can watch to get information from experts. By spending time watching this and listening to people who have experience, you’ll get a full array of knowledge. Because car repairs are a mechanical skills your confidence will come back working on the car itself.  If you start out by working with friends or family and then progress to doing the minor repairs then you’ll eventually build enough confidence to do the repairs on your own.

What Not to Repair

There are some car repairs that are too delicate unless you happen to have training as a mechanic. If there is any repair that needs to be done on the brakes then you should certainly consult a mechanic. There’s no sense in risking the life of you and your passengers because you want to tinker around on your car.

By sticking with minor repairs, you’ll be able to gain self confidence and boost your self image. As long as you take your car in for more serious repairs, it will be totally fine to do the easier repairs on your own.

Guest post by Neela Dodson, blogger and lifestyle coach specializing in helping women take control of their environment through home repair, auto maintenance, and DIY in general.