Impressing Recruiters – Five Simple Tips

If you’re looking to secure one of the precious graduate jobs out there then there are a number of things that you can do to maximize your chances of getting an interview.

Tailor your CV
The most common mistake that job applicants make is updated or adding to their CV as if it were a list. Don’t fall into this trap. In today’s jobs market every application should be unique, and you should ensure that your CV highlights the skills that make you ideal for the exact role you’re applying for. Don’t be afraid to boast a little – save the modesty for another time!

Understand What Recruiters Do
Recruiters have a job to do, just like anyone else, but it just so happens that theirs is to get other people into work. If you can show them that you completely understand the role, that you meet their criteria and that you’re someone who would be good to have around their organization, then you will have made it easy for them to hire you.

Appearance and Demeanor
How you sell your personality is up to you, but taking care of your appearance and being polite should be considered essential. Being well-dressed, well-mannered and doing your best to make a good first impression will certainly help your chances. Dry-clean your suit, polish your shoes, and maybe even go for a haircut. Make sure you feel great when you go for an interview. Like it or not, your appearance at a formal interview reflects how well you take care of yourself, and recruiters often equate how well someone takes care of their appearance to how well they can take of their work.

Talking about salary or benefits can be tricky at any time, and ought to be avoided unless the recruiter raises it with you. The best time to discuss it, if your questions haven’t already been answered, is after you receive a job offer.

Be Confident and Open
If a recruiter is talking to you then the chances are that they know you possess most of the qualities they are looking for. Most graduate jobs have very high applicant-to-interview ratios, so, if a recruiter has taken the time in their day to contact you, make sure to thank them for it and recognize that it’s because of your experience and qualifications.

Applying For College Grants

It can be a hard task to find a job in the present economy.  There are not so many of them going around – and those that are often inundated with applications.  Therefore when you are applying for a job you must have every skill at your disposal to help you get selected.  And there is nothing better that having the educational qualifications that are necessary.  This may entail going back to college.  And unless you have the available funds to pay this means applying for college grants.

College can be expensive and so the government along with some other bodies has funds available for students to access.  These funds are not loans – they are grants.  This means that they do not have to be repaid.  So, how can you ensure that you maximize your opportunity to get a college grant?

You should get your applications in for grants as soon as you can.  Most have a certain cap on the amount available and once its gone, its gone.  Therefore the early applicants will have the best chance of obtaining a grant.  You should also apply for as many grants as you possibly can as you will probably end up using a combination of them.

When you are applying for a federal or state grants have all the items you need to access the FAFSA application which is the form you must use for these types of grants.  Also choose the colleges you are interested in and look for the ones that offer the most grants.  Of course in-state colleges would be the least expensive – however some out of state ones may offer more finance options and end up being most cost effective.  Communicate with the various colleges and ask for their help in locating grants.  They may have options that you have not yet considered.

There are many college grants out there, so do plenty of research in advance .  This will help you to identify the right course of action to fund you education and get you started on your career goals.

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Training Provides an Edge in a Difficult Job Market

No one needs to be reminded how difficult the current economic environment is. In addition to record numbers of foreclosures, companies continue to cut jobs in order to survive and new jobs aren’t being created in near enough numbers to employ those who were laid off two year ago, let alone those losing their jobs today. Everyone is looking for something to make their resume stand out, should they find themselves job hunting .

If you’re still in a job — or lucky enough to have a generous severance package that gives you some cushion as you search for a job — you should consider enrolling in a management training program or other business skills workshop. Anything you can do at this point to improve your skill set and knowledge of management and business will make you that much more employable when it comes time to job hunt. And if you’re still in a job, the extra training will make you more valuable to your employer — and, maybe, less likely to be one of the ones who does get laid off.

Another area that can be easily addressed is improving people skills . This can be done by taking courses, reading books, or even following personal development blogs and online magazines. They will all give you tips on how to win friends and influence people , which to this day remains one of the most important skillsets to have in the business world.