Set up a Recognition Program

There is a plethora of documentation in the business world supporting the idea that recognizing the performance of employees does, in fact, inspire better and better performance. By setting up rewards and recognition programs , companies are able to create an upward spiral of success both for individual employees, and for their entire company.

Awards and rewards are a form of positive feedback. Each award won generate positive feelings and motivates employees to seek the next award. Companies with a regular program of rewards send a clear message to their employees as to what they consider to be outstanding performance and how much they value that performance. Companies that set high goals for their staff and then don’t acknowledge when those goals are met quickly find themselves with an unmotivated or even hostile work environment as employees lose faith in management and owners.

Recognition programs require a commitment on behalf of management. They must take the time to set the program standards and the resultant rewards. They must then implement and administer the program consistently. This is an ongoing duty, not a one-time event. However, the improvement in employee performance and company morale will quickly translate to better profit margins and improved customer relationships that will secure the financial future of the company.

Changing Face of Direct Sales

In the internet age, it isn’t just bricks and mortar companies that are changing the way they do business. Everyone knows of e-tail success stories like and and how traditional companies are being forced to move some or all of their business online to meet the needs of the internet generations. What’s more interesting is how direct sales, an industry that relies on in person contact to make their pitch and close with customers, is beginning to utilize the internet to improve their performance.

You need look no further than social media pages like Southwestern Company on Facebook to see how companies can utilize the internet to reach not only their employees and interns, but customers themselves. These types of pages offer consumers a place to share praise and criticism of their experiences with salespeople and a forum for southwestern to directly address those critics on a case-by-case basis.

Other companies, such as Avon and Fuller Brush, make use of their main websites to not only sell products directly, but as informational and recruiting tools for new sales reps. The Direct Selling Association uses the internet to educate their members about laws and regulations and also reaches out to the general public to educate them about ethical sales tactics and how to identify scams and avoid dangerous situations.