Redecorating A Room Can Be Therapeutic

The decoration and arrangement of a room can affect a person’s mood or outlook on life. Redecoration of a room can be rather therapeutic, as it represents a change from an old way of life or mindset into a new and fresh way to live life. To change the mood or vibe of a room does not need drastic change but rather a few carefully planned adjustments will make a world of difference.

Color has been proven to have an effect on mood. Bright, warm colors such as yellow, red and orange usually give off a warm, inviting, and cozy vibe, whereas cool colors like green, blue and purple create a relaxing and serene feel. Changing the color of the room is a great idea because it will change the way you feel about the room as well. If the room was previously a boring or drab color then why not add a pop of color which will give the room more of a personality. There are also ways to play with multiple colors in a room, a great way to do this is to paint three of the walls one color and then paint the fourth wall a different color. Utilizing more than one color will add an aesthetic appeal and will bring out the furniture and accessories in the room.

Lighting is also a great way to set the tone of a room. A bright, cheerful room will lift spirits and will provide motivation. One great way to add lighting to a room is to get new blinds. Window blinds will block out the sun when you don’t want it to fade the furniture but will let it all shine in when you need a little sunshine. New blinds will also make the room look new and fresh. There are many window treatment companies such as, Next Day Blinds, which offer many different styles of blinds to fit the motif you are looking to create. Putting in new lamps as well as overhead lighting is another great way to light up a room. They will add the necessary lighting but will also add to the design and flare of the room.

A room can be a place or relaxation or rejuvenation but it should never be a cause of sorrow or depression. It’s time to take that step in the right direction and make a change that will affect your mindset and mood. Taking a room and transforming it into a place you want to be in instead of a place you dread to be in.

Map Pinboard Helps Reinforce Postive Outlook

A great way to keep a positive outlook is to create a map pinboard. While it will be visually appealing and add a fun look to your room it will also help you to reflect on the past, enjoy the present, and look forward to the future.

So what is a map pinboard you might ask? Well, it is a way to track where you have been and where you want to go. You can either make it yourself or buy one. While buying one is the easier way, making one yourself might give a sense of accomplishment.

To make it yourself you will need a corkboard, adhesive and a large map that will fill the corkboard. You can choose what type of map you want to use, for example, a world map or a country map. You can even get custom maps made, which would allow you to focus in on a certain area or region. Then you will want to take the map and attach it to the corkboard using the adhesive and let it dry. Once it is dry, hang it on the wall or wherever you deem is best.

Once you have your map pinboard, take pins of different colors and stick one color in all the cities or places you have been, then choose a different color and put pins in places that you loved or would want to go back to, and lastly put a different color in places that you want to visit.

This pinboard acts as a way to see where you have been and reflect on the great memories and trips of the past but also allows you to dream and plan for the future. A board like this will not only serve as inspiration and motivation for you but it will also make a great decoration for your room.