Why Do Customers Complain?

Customer complaints management is important. Businesses can learn the reasons why their customers complain and look for solutions.  Customer complaints management enables higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Staff must be trained in the best practices for handling customer complaints and invest in complaint handling software .  Each customer interaction must be done with empathy and a real strong motivation to listen to the customer.  It should include a one on one interaction with a relaxed and non threatening approach.  An apology should be included at the start of the exchange.

A full set of notes should be prepared in the consumer complaint software that you are using – and during the interaction give the customer frequent summaries of what you are including.  Take responsibility for the problem and outline the steps that will be involved in your research and resolution.  Let them know the time frame and when you will contact them.

It is important that you follow up at the assigned date.  This shows the customer that you are really interested in them and their problems.  You can also take a proactive approach by contacting your customers regularly – not just when they have a problem.

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