Social Impact of Texting

Texting has opened up new methods of communication over the past 10 or so years.  Similar to the advent of the internet and social media sites like Twitter, Blogger and Facebook it has affected most of our lives.  It means that we can send a message and the responder can reply when it suits them.  This makes it less intrusive in our lives.  This makes it much more useful in situations where spoken word is impossible.

Texting has also added to TV interaction.  Many shows and news broadcasts use texting as a means of instantly voting or taking part in a poll for example.

Texting is also changing our language.  Abbreviations are the name of the game here.  Ur, lol, gr8, etc are all common phrases, or shortened phrases used in text messages.  The result is that many people raised during the texting revolution have problems with grammar and its use in our language.  Schools are having problems teaching writing because of texting.  Students spelling and grammar are suffering.

There is also information out there that suggests that texting actually improves writing.  The fact that people write texts on a constant basis is good writing practice and helps students to articulate on the written page.

In academia texting has also been associated with cheating especially in Japanese schools.  Most schools now require that students have their cell phones turned off during school hours.

Parties and other large group gatherings are often arranged via text.  It has been used increasingly in major world events and is used by news and other media sources to gather information.  The business world has made use of texting and particular groups such as sales staff often make use of it.

Eddie Lamb has been a freelance writer for fifteen years. In addition to writing for print magazines and newsletters, he has also published guest posts on dozens of the top blogs. He writes about society, technology and even reviews companies as well as covering breaking news stories.

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