Kolkata’s Cynical Recess

For savvy travelers, our five-star Kolkata hotels offer some of the most lovely amenities available in contemporary accommodation.  Much like the city itself, our hotels offer a unique blend of the old world and the new, with excellence in hospitality and technology.  Guests will find themselves well-connected to the world at large, and in a setting where escaping from the world in absolute luxury is also possible.  Design here is at a premium, and style meets substance in a very happy marriage of tastes.  Not to mention the excellent food, reliable customer service that is always friendly and gracious, and all the creature comforts that make life worth living, these are truly exceptional places that will leave you remembering your stay for a lifetime.

KolkataCarsKolkata is a fascinating city with an extremely rich history.  One of the longest continually-inhabited places on the planet, there is a constant buzz of activity here.  And there is always something to do, day or night, so whether a rich experience with the family or an exciting time after dark are on the menu, Kolkata will accommodate.  There is an excellent cultural scene, with the film industry here, fantastic visual artists creating new worlds with paint and photography, and music.  There is an amazing scene for traditional music, with some of the best players in the country gracing clubs and music halls.  There is also an upcoming contemporary music scene, and Cynical Recess is one of the hottest new groups.

Born and bred in Kolkata, with five performers and their own engineer, Cynical Recess plays a style of music that is a kind of socially conscious 80’s rock with tendencies toward both progressive and alternative rock.  They have won a number of competitions, and played a god number of shows, since they formed in December of 2008.  Their lead vocalist, Abhishek, came with a generous supply of kudos for his lead vocals before joining their ranks.  It is an exciting music, with energy and conscience.  Having been noticed by the likes of the Telegraph, Cynical Recess is off to a sweeping start, with enormous promise.

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