Good Friends in Virginia

Virginia BeachDay two here in Richmond, Virgina, although my first day was spent on buses. I took Amtrak and buses in order to cut down on my traveling expenses so I could afford to stay at one of the luxury hotels in Virginia . Let me tell you, it was worth it! My accommodations are fabulous, I feel like someone important and I can get quite use to the great treatment all the hotel staff gives. But, the reason I’m here is to visit with my longtime school buddy and best friend.

She came a picked me up at my hotel, but before we could do anything, she pulled out her bathing suit and said she wasn’t about to miss the opportunity to play in a luxury hotel. For me it was too cold, but that didn’t stop my friend. We also had some drinks at the poolside bar. After she showered in my hotel room’s wonderful shower, we headed off to her home in her beat up Volvo. I’m glad to know somethings have never changed about her.

When we arrived, we hung out in her kitchen and all these people kept dropping by, they heard so much about me from my friend that they all wanted to meet me. I don’t remember how many people came by or for that matter their names. It was nice to see that she had made tons of friends here in Virginia, I was secretly hoping things might be miserable here, but she’s extremely happy and she has her own business selling import pearls on-line. It doesn’t make that much money for her, but she’s her own boss and it pays the bills.

She told me that tomorrow, she’ll give me a tour of Richmond, but for now it’s catch-up time and party time back at my hotel’s spa and bar. It seems that I might just have to move down here instead.


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