Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer – Review

The Fitbit Wireless Personal Trainer is Inspiring Weight Loss!!

Fitbit Fitness TrackerOne of the most inspiring things when you are working to achieve a goal is the ability to clearly see your progress towards reaching that goal. Everyone pretty much at one point or another has thought about losing weight or leading a healthier lifestyle. Though, for many people living a healthy lifestyle and losing weight is one the hardest goals to work towards. People often fall out of diets and fitness routines because they can’t see any visible signs of improvement. In many cases the benefits of a proper diet and regular exercise routine are not evident until weeks or sometimes months later. It’s difficult to find the inspiration to continue a strict diet and difficult exercise program when it doesn’t seem like anything is changing. To stay inspired, some people turn to personal coaches and friends when trying to losing weight or eat right, but nowadays there is a simpler solution and it’s called Fitbit.

Fitbit fitness tracker cliped on a pocket

The Fitbit fitness trackers is a small gadget that is sort of like a fitness coach, nutritionist, Somnologist (a sleep doctor), and a personal assistant all rolled into one little high tech clip that is no larger than a quarter.  You can wear the Fitbit anywhere on your body that you can clip it onto: a pocket, a belt, or even a bra. Once you clip the Fitbit on it immediately starts tracking your fitness, and it continues to track it throughout the day even if you happen writing a review about how great it is. The Fitbit tracks how many steps you’ve taken during a day, how active you are, calories burned, distance traveled, and even your sleep patterns. Inside the Fitbit is a small accelerometer and gyroscope that makes it possible to track your steps and movement in three dimensions. And the Fitbit accurate tracked activities such as walking around the house or going out for a job perfectly. All of the data that the Fitbit tracks is wirelessly synced to the included base station, which also double as a charging cradle, and to the Fitbit tracker website.

Fitbit Daily report

The Fitbit website, which is free for everyone to use, clearly visualizes all of the data that a person’s Fitbit clip has been tracking since he or she first started using it.  There is one small downside to the Fitbit to be honest, though; since it isn’t actually magic, the Fitbit cannot actually track your calorie intake automatically. To track caloric intake Fitbit owners are expected to record the calories of the meals that they eat during the day on the Fitbit website. Thankfully, Fitbit has made it effortless to record those calories by providing users with the ability to search for foods by name, brand, and even restaurant. It couldn’t be easier to find out what your daily calorie intake is for each day.

If you’re planning on swimming off some of those calories with the Fitbit though just remember to leave it behind. Unfortunately, at this time the Fitbit is only water resistant not waterproof, which means that while you can get the Fitbit wet occasionally it would best to avoid the swimming pool or baths while wearing it.

Fitbit Sleep report

When your day has come to a close and your ready to get some sleep the Fitbit is still useful. If you want to track your sleep patterns then all you have to do is place the Fitbit into the included wristband and press and hold the small button on the device for about two seconds. While you are sleeping the Fitbit will measure how many times you awoke during your rest and sync it to the wireless base station, along with your other fitness data. From the Fitbit tracker website users can see what times during the night they were tossing and turning or sleeping soundly.

 Fitbit Charger

The entire Fitbit trackers runs on a small rechargeable battery and in our tests, the Fitbit was fully charged after only an hour after connecting it to its base station, which is the only time you’ll have to actually physically connect it. Though it not much of a hassle, you should only expect to have to charge your Fitbit once a week since a fully charged battery  lasts for about 8 to 9 days.

We all need a little encouragement or inspiration to reach our goals in life and if your goal is a healthier lifestyle then let Fitbit be that inspiration for you.

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