How to Decrease Stress through Exercise

Do you want to free yourself from stress after a hard day’s work? The answer is simple. Exercise.
Exercise is an excellent stress reduction tool because it helps release built-up tension in the body. It is also a great way to release emotional tension because through physical activity, your body releases the happy hormone “endorphin” which promotes a feeling of happiness. Overall, exercise helps promote health and wellness.

Some forms of exercise let you become more social. Some would let you get into a meditative state. All forms of exercise helps increase a person’s self-esteem, aside from promoting a sound mind and body.

So if you have the chance to exercise, just do it! The first step is to find the best exercise that would fit your needs. Here are some forms of exercise which can help reduce stress:

1. Yoga. Yoga allows you to enter a meditative state. It helps promote physical health and flexibility of the muscles through the various positions it entails. Aside from that, yoga also enhances the mind and spirit since you are able to concentrate and meditate.

2. Swimming. Water has soothing and calming properties which is perfect for the body. During summer, why not try this activity so that you can get in shape, cool off, and simply have a great time with friends and family. Swimming also helps develop the cardio-respiratory areas of the body. In fact, it is also good for treating asthma.

3. Karate. Who says karate is just for self defense? This form of exercise is also useful for releasing emotions such as anger and frustration and it is also effective for removing stress and tension. Aside from enhancing the body’s power and strength, karate is also a good exercise for self-discipline.

4. Brisk walking. If you want to take things easier, brisk walking is perfect for you. You can easily fit this activity in your busy schedule since you can do this form of exercise anytime, anywhere. In fact, you can take a walk early in the morning, during lunch, or even in the late afternoon or evening. During weekends, you can take your baby in a stroller and walk around your community.

5. Jogging. Jogging is also another good form of exercise. You can jog early in the morning before taking a shower or in the late afternoon before going home from school or work. Jogging is also a good exercise for the heart and lungs and it promotes leg power as well.

Remember that stress can cause illness and other negative effects in the body. One way to cope with stress is to regularly engage in physical as well as meditative exercises. If you exercise regularly, your body’s immune system is also given a boost, thereby, making you less prone to diseases.


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