Self Help Debt Negotiation Can Help You Settle Your Debts

It is necessary on your part to repay your outstanding credit card debts as much as you can if you find it very difficult to pay them off in full. You can settle your outstanding balances with the help of debt settlement. To settle your outstanding balances, you need to negotiate with your creditors so that you can convince them to reduce your outstanding dues to some extent.

Debt negotiation – What it is

When you’re unable to consolidate debt, you can opt for debt settlement/negotiation. Debt negotiation is settling your debts by negotiating with your creditors so that you can reduce your outstanding debts. Whether you have excessive credit card bills, medical bills or payday loans, etc. debt negotiation helps you reduce your outstanding debts so that you can pay off your debts easily and get rid of it relatively fast. The negotiation to settle the debts takes place between you and your creditors. You have to convince your creditors so that they accept to settle your debts.

How to settle your debts on your own

• Plan a realistic budget – If you want to settle your credit card debts, the first thing you need to do is to plan a realistic budget that you’re going to follow. Your budget should include your expenses and savings. A good budget not only helps you manage your daily expenses, but also helps you save money for emergency needs. The amount of money that you’re going to save every month will help you pay off your credit card debts.

• Negotiate with your creditors – You can follow these tips while negotiating with your creditors

1. Proper negotiation skills – It is very important on your part to know the proper negotiation skills when you negotiate with your creditors. Your sole purpose in negotiating with your creditors should be that they agree to reduce your outstanding dues to some extent

2. Avoid talking over phone – When you negotiate with your creditors, it is always advisable that you talk with them face to face instead of talking over the phone

3. Do not hurry while settling debts – You should not settle your outstanding debts in a hurry. Rather, you should be patient while trying to convince your creditors and make them understand that you cannot pay off your debts in full

It is very important on your part that when you make payments to your creditors, you keep a written document with you. Otherwise, it may happen that your creditors later deny the settlement amount they had previously agreed. In that situation, you’ll have to face problem in settling your outstanding balances. So, it is always suggested that you should not make any payment to your creditors without having a written agreement.

Martin Vendler is a writer and money management specialist. 

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