How to Write the Best Argumentative Essay – 3 Techniques

Argumentative essays require a lot of research and a genuine interest in the topic in order to be successful. Studying the various viewpoints of an argument and collecting evidence for and against each opinion is vital.

This type of essay takes on quite a specific format in the form of the introduction, clearly organized main body and final conclusion.


You must carry out thorough research on your topic of choice. Your chosen topic should be of genuine interest to you. There is nothing harder than having to argue on a topic that you hold no interest in. You must be able to demonstrate that your beliefs are reasonable and logical by providing evidence to back up any claims. Have an in-depth understanding of all viewpoints on the topic so that you can substantiate both sides of the argument with sufficient evidence.


Introduce your topic clearly with a brief explanation touching on both sides of the argument and where your view sits. The main body of the essay must include more detail with strong evidence in support of your findings. You must also include evidence to support any other viewpoints. By considering carefully the possible reasons that others share differing ideas, you can gather enough evidence to refute their claims and strengthen your own. In your conclusion you must summarise the evidence you have found and come upon a final decision be it that you are right or simply that you still have strong beliefs but are happy to ‘agree to disagree’.


The way in which you present your essay can say a lot to the reader. Ensuring that you format your work neatly and clearly will make it far more readable and appealing. Making each section of the essay clearly identifiable allows you to appear professional and the master of your topic. By using a writing program such as Microsoft Word, you have access to all the formatting, font styles and sizes that you need. Word comes as part of the Microsoft Office 2010 Package and also includes Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and many other programs. For students and teachers there are many online Student Software Stores where you can find specially discounted software for students with up to 90% discount on normal retail prices.


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  1. Awesome information. I am in the midst of writing an argumentative essay for my college writing class….or as my instructor calls it a “reasonable rant”. I have 2 topics that I have chosen but am going with organ donation, as it holds a special place with me. Thank you for this information!

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