Impressing Recruiters – Five Simple Tips

If you’re looking to secure one of the precious graduate jobs out there then there are a number of things that you can do to maximize your chances of getting an interview.

Tailor your CV
The most common mistake that job applicants make is updated or adding to their CV as if it were a list. Don’t fall into this trap. In today’s jobs market every application should be unique, and you should ensure that your CV highlights the skills that make you ideal for the exact role you’re applying for. Don’t be afraid to boast a little – save the modesty for another time!

Understand What Recruiters Do
Recruiters have a job to do, just like anyone else, but it just so happens that theirs is to get other people into work. If you can show them that you completely understand the role, that you meet their criteria and that you’re someone who would be good to have around their organization, then you will have made it easy for them to hire you.

Appearance and Demeanor
How you sell your personality is up to you, but taking care of your appearance and being polite should be considered essential. Being well-dressed, well-mannered and doing your best to make a good first impression will certainly help your chances. Dry-clean your suit, polish your shoes, and maybe even go for a haircut. Make sure you feel great when you go for an interview. Like it or not, your appearance at a formal interview reflects how well you take care of yourself, and recruiters often equate how well someone takes care of their appearance to how well they can take of their work.

Talking about salary or benefits can be tricky at any time, and ought to be avoided unless the recruiter raises it with you. The best time to discuss it, if your questions haven’t already been answered, is after you receive a job offer.

Be Confident and Open
If a recruiter is talking to you then the chances are that they know you possess most of the qualities they are looking for. Most graduate jobs have very high applicant-to-interview ratios, so, if a recruiter has taken the time in their day to contact you, make sure to thank them for it and recognize that it’s because of your experience and qualifications.

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