The Rebirth of Knoxville

Knoxville in Tennessee is a large city – but one that is largely undiscovered by many Americans.  Why is that?  The city has a vast historical significance and many areas that are attractive to visitors – Market Square, Ijamns Nature Center and the Knoxville Zoo come to mind.

Knoxville started off as an outpost in the Southwest Territory of the US.  It became the capital and upon statehood became the capital of Tennessee.  The city played an active part due to the railroad during the Civil War.  The railroad also played a large part in the growth of the city as it developed into a trading center including marble which was mined nearby.   The city continued to grow into the next century and became hub point for the textile industry and a center for the University of Tennessee.  With the decline of the railroads during the middle of the century the downtown area went into decline.

The city center began to get redeveloped towards the later parts of the century ,  Apart from the attractions listed above the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame is a major attraction.  The local convention center brings many business conventions to the city.  This has helped to attract businesses to relocate to downtown.

The downtown area has been growing as a center for cultural events.  There are two refurbished theaters and many art galleries – many located in the Gay Street area.  This has attracted many bars and restaurants to the area and so downtown is now reliving its glory years.

Perhaps it’s because it’s off the beaten track that Knoxville is undiscovered.  However as the word gets out the city is sure to grow into a major visitor destination.

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