The Laws of Attraction: Love Who You Are and Other People Will Love You

Once upon a time, I was a single, carefree slob whose biggest worry in life was finding a job and paying my rent. That all changed once I used the Laws of Attraction to kickstart my career as a freelance writer. This experience taught me the value of envisioning what I wanted and actively going after it. Not only did this teach me the value of behaving proactively, but of valuing myself and my achievements.

As anyone who has studied and implemented the Laws of Attraction will tell you, once you get started working toward a better you, it is an addictive process that leads you down the path of improvement, one milestone at a time. After I succeeded in starting my own business, I focused on my personal life. I wanted to meet someone and fall in love, but I knew that no self-respecting woman would be interested in me as I was then.

I envisioned the woman I hoped to meet: intelligent, ladylike, funny, confident – these were all necessary attributes in any woman that I was interested in. Rather than going out to bars and seeking out women, or sitting at my desk and wishing I was the kind of man who could attract such a woman, I turned my attention inward, scrupulously taking inventory of every aspect of my personality, character, appearance, and so forth. I was honest and merciless in this process, and in the end, had a fairly lengthy laundry list of my strengths and weaknesses.

Then, I started to “fix” things, one at a time. Some were easy: I joined a gym and worked out with a trainer. This not only improved my physical appearance, but gave me energy to spare. Other things were more intangible, and thus harder to implement, such as my lack of confidence and my overall pessimistic attitude. I simply started pretending that these were natural characteristics, and I eventually started to feel more confident and optimistic without pretending.

Six months after this process began, I met her. Whereas before, I would have awkwardly approached women and either been shot down in flames or taken someone out only to realize too late that they were clingy, psycho, or both, Beth was everything I ever wanted in a woman. She met all of my requirements and more, and because of all of the work that I had put into making myself into the man I knew I needed to be, I was everything she had ever wanted, as well.

Before I knew it, I was shopping for engagement rings on the Internet. I wanted a ring that would symbolize the characteristics I most value in Beth. She is steadfast and genuine, and one of the strongest women I know, so a diamond was essential. However, she is unlike any woman I know, so I didn’t want a ring that another woman would be wearing. I finally settled on buying loose diamonds and creating my own setting, basing my design off of the ring my father gave my mother, which had been passed down to him from my grandmother.

When the day came for me to propose, I wasn’t nervous. All of the confidence I had worked to build and nurture flooded me, and I knew I was ready. I arranged an intimate dinner at my apartment, and as I waited for her to arrive, I pulled the ring out of my pocket and stared at it. It shone in the palm of my hand, sparkling like I imagined Beth’s eyes would when I put it on her finger. She arrived, and although I had intended to wait until dessert, I only lasted five minutes before I dropped to one knee and pulled the ring out of my pocket.

I had a speech prepared, but all of that went to the wayside and I spoke from the heart. I promised to be the best husband I could be and to love her for the rest of my life, if she would only agree to be my wife. Of course, she agreed. As I slipped the ring onto her finger, I reflected back on the last eighteen months, starting from the day when I made the conscious decision to work toward this goal. Even though the process was a long and painstaking one, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

We are now planning our life together. I told her the story of my transformation and explained the Laws of Attraction to her, and she understands the importance this process has in my life. She has begun to implement it into her life, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. One day, we will tell our children how we met, and they will understand the true meaning of perseverance and dedication, both to oneself and to others, and how the Laws of Attraction can bring these characteristics to the forefront of your life.

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