Making the Laws of Attraction Work for You

Throughout college, I bartended and worked odd jobs to accommodate my class schedule. Upon graduation, I found that I could not find a job in my chosen profession, and was forced to continue working what was beginning to feel more and more like a meaningless job. Apparently, there’s not a need for writers when unemployment is in the double digits and the economy is unstable.

Despite my personal disappointment, I continued to plug away at my job. Thankfully, the hours were conducive for job hunting, and I spent long hours on the Internet looking for writing positions. I applied at newspapers, online writing websites, and various companies that were hiring ghost writers, only to be turned down time and again. I even resorted to using a resume service to critique my CV, despite the fact that I pride myself in my abilities of articulation and presentation. Insecurity can breed paranoia, which can breed nervousness, which can breed incompetence. That’s when ‘outside help’ comes in handy!

It was around this time, during my many hours spent online, that I stumbled across the concept of “Laws of Attraction.” By coincidence, my roommate had been talking about it, so I grilled him about it. It seemed too simple to be possible. Think something into existence? I have always been a skeptic, and this was no different.

All of this changed last November. After my shift, my spineless manager pulled me into the office and informed me that I was being fired. I was offered no explanation, other than that I was no longer a good fit for the company, and was escorted out to avoid trouble. When I finally made it home, I sat at the computer, as was my habit, and stared blankly at the screen.

It was at that moment that I remembered the conversations that I’d had with my roommate. I was feeling really desperate, so I searched the Internet for information about how to implement the laws of attraction. When I didn’t find enough information to satisfy my curiosity, I awoke my roommate and asked him question after question.

Essentially, what I learned was that it was possible to think about something so much and in such a way as to make it happen. My roommate attributed this to mystical explanations, but I think it has more to do with the power of the human mind, and untapped potential. I decided to put the knowledge I had gained in my overnight session into practice the next day.

I decided I wanted to put my education to use. I had no desire to punch a time clock everyday and work in an office setting. Instead, I envisioned working from home, writing about things that I was passionate about, and creating my own schedule and work environment. Since I am a writer, I wrote out the exact scenario that I wanted, and read it over and over, committing every detail to memory. I posted this narrative on the bulletin board over my desk and read it every day.

Thankfully, due to the way I was fired, I was eligible for unemployment; this enabled me to not stress about money as I gathered my resources and started working to make my dream a reality. Since my goal was to write, I started doing just that. Every time I ran out of things to write about, I would look up at my bulletin board, re-read what I had written, and return to my writing. Within a week, I began submitting my work to various blogs and writing outlets on the Internet.

I decided I had to take a realistic approach to my goal, and offered to post my work for free on most of the sites I contacted at first. Because I was able to humble myself in this way, I soon found many blogs that were willing to accept my writing, and my portfolio started to grow. I continued to visualize myself as an established, professional writer, and was eventually able to start submitting my work to sites that paid.

It has been seven months since I lost my job, and I am freelancing steadily enough that I am now able to support myself without the aid of unemployment. I am pleased to report that I have a positive balance in my checking account and a more or less constant demand for my work. I still read my statement every day, and what I have noticed is that, thanks to the laws of attraction, I have pretty much fulfilled my dream to the letter.

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