Detox and Body Cleansing For Improved Health

Detox or body cleansing is a way to rid ones body of toxins and other unwanted substances to improve overall health. It can take the form of diets, fasting, colon cleansing, dietary supplements or even the removal of mercury dental fillings from the teeth.

For those who want to detox from drugs, there are Massachusetts detox resources that they can refer to.

The goal is to improve health, raise energy, get rid of headaches, lose weight, eliminate bloating, improve allergies and prevent aging.

Detox diet plans incorporate eating options that in aid detoxifying the body. The goal is to get rid of contaminants that find their way into foods such as coloring, preservatives and flavor enhancers. Often fats and sugars are limited or all foods containing them are eliminated during fasting. The aim of this is to use up stored fats which are a major source of stored toxins in the body and get rid of them via the blood, urine skin, etc.

Colon cleansing, involves the use of enemas and various herbs to remove food remnants present in the colon. Another form of detox is the removal of heavy metals such as lead and mercury from the body. Part of this is the replacement of mercury amalgam dental fillings. Herbs such as cilantro and chlorella are used to help eliminate heavy metals from the body. Adhesive pads and foot baths are used to help eliminate toxins from the skin.

Detox diets are usually short term diets often ranging in time from a few days up to around three weeks. Food intake into the body during this time is greatly reduced. Meals can take the form of juice drinks or small meals. Examples of detox diets include the lemonade diet (or master cleanse), juice fasting and raw food diets. Many celebrities have endorsed detox diets including Gwyneth Paltrow, Howard Stern and Bill Clinton.
As with other forms of dieting medical advice should be sought before undertaking a detox diet. Consult with your doctor before undertaking any form of weight-loss.

Joanne Hunter writes on self help topics including detox diets.

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