A Clear Home Makes Peace of Mind

Is this a cleanliness-next-to-godliness post? Not exactly. This is a post about how to use something as simple—and cheap—as a storage unit to clear your mind.

I didn’t link to the storage unit, but Google them to get prices. I want to prove a very simple point very early on: this does not require a huge investment. You don’t even know what “this” is yet, but in our economy, the dollar is the most important thing to me and you. Keep reading to find peace of mind without giving away a huge piece of your paycheck.

Clear Space = Free Thinking

It’s a phenomenon that works across myriad platforms—the more space you have, the more you can get done. Clear a computer’s RAM of all the clutter, and your computer can suddenly load a page before you can even click on it. Clear an engine’s EGR valves of all the gunk, and your power and performance go through the roof. (We’re getting to the storage unit in a second—just hang on to that little bit of info.)

When your mind is involved, this principle works across a few different platforms. Clear your inbox at work, and you can breathe a little easier when your boss walks by. Clear your credit card of all your debt, and you can sleep at night. But the easiest way to clear away the clutter is one of the most ignored, and that’s clearing away the real, actual, literal clutter sitting right next to your computer as you read this post.

A Clear House Is Possible

I’m avoiding the word “clean” on purpose here. “Clean” can be very ambiguous, especially when the two sexes start arguing about what qualifies as a “clean” shower. What I want to highlight is a clear space, or one where the odds and ends are out of sight and therefore (you guessed it) out of mind.

But some people simply don’t have the space to put all of the stuff they have accumulated. Maybe you just need a little (or a lot) more square footage to really achieve the clarity of space that brings the clarity of mind. The problem is that no one really has the money for the bigger mortgage that comes with a bigger space.

You’re right. You need more square footage without footing another few hundred a month in interest, principle, taxes, insurance, yadayadayada. And when a storage unit in Los Angeles, CA, only costs $40-some-odd bucks, how much do you think you can get a storage unit for in your town?

The Savoir-faire of Clearing Your Mind

Here’s how you do it: go through everything in your house—from your socks to your kitchen wares—and decide whether something is summer, winter, or in-between. Be harsh. Be brutal. Dare to call a pair of socks “winter” just to get them out of your space. It’s your call to leave or keep the “in-between” pile, but I strongly advise you to pack it up and cart it off to a storage unit for 6 months. Then don’t think about it. You can switch out your house on a Saturday afternoon in October and repeat the cycle.

Here’s what you’ve accomplished: you completely cleared your house of all that stuff that you don’t need but you can’t really throw away. You regained a solid 500 square feet of space (at least), and just like emptying your inbox at work and clearing your credit card, you have the clear home that gives you a clear mind.

Bonne chance!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jared Heath is a freelance writer whose wife and LA storage units saved him from his destructively over-cluttered lifestyle. He now writes as an advocate of clear spaces and justice for all.


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