The Best Family Vacation

As the economy slowly begins to recover, more and more families are expecting to resume summer vacations in 2011. After several lean years of not being able to afford travel or even time off work, parents are finding ways to ensure some type of family trip or excursion.

Deciding what is the best vacation for a family is going to be difficult. Kids are likely to have very different ideas than their parents. They will want to go to the places that are fun and exciting and exotic while the parents are more concerned with budget, accessibility of travel, and avoiding theme park accidents .

A good family vacation is going to provide amusement and activity for all members of the family. It should also offer plenty of shared family time — opportunities for the family to bond as a unit by sharing experiences and activities. Vacations should not stress the family budget. While many parents are willing to make sacrifices to give their kids the best, taking a vacation they can’t afford is likely to taint the memories of the event later. Better to find a more affordable vacation than one that causes financial strain. Remember: the emphasis is on family time , not on the most expensive and grandest vacation.

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  1. This is so true. The best holidays I’ve had with my family are the cheap, last minute holidays to get us away from it all a few days. We have had some fantastic fun on a very small budget.

    Even a day out can be great fun and cheap. One of our favourites is to go for a walk in the New Forest which is only 10 miles from where we live, so it only costs us petrol money to get there. The kids LOVE IT.

    Children do not care how much or how little you spend on booking the holiday itself as they don’t see the bill!


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