Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney

Sydney, Australia is not only the country’s largest and most populous cities it is also one of the most worldly famous and most popular tourist destinations. And this is true for a number of reasons, though many of them have to do with the incredible cultural establishments and attractions that are located there. The Sydney Opera House is one of the iconic performance arts centers and while its name associates it with opera, it is actually the home of some of the country’s most distinguished theatre and ballet companies.

And for people who enjoy mixing their cultural experiences with nature, there are the Royal Botanic Gardens. These gardens are actually part of three different major botanic gardens, though these are the most centrally located and prominent. The others are the Mount Annan Botanic Garden and the Mount Tomah Botanic Garden. The parks, in addition to their amazing beauty, offer free access to the public and are open every day of the year. They Pyramid Glass House is one of the major attractions associated with the gardens and is an amazing visual spectacle. Another interesting garden element for many of the guests in the Sydney hotels are the Grey Headed Flying Foxes that can frequently been seen roosting in the trees.

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  1. Dear Peter

    Thank you for your posting on the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney, Mount Annan and Mount Tomah. Please note though that although Sdyeny is free (except for the Tropical Centre) the other two Gardens, Mount Annan and Mount Tomah both have entry fees that are stated on our websites.

    Thanks again and glad you liked the Gardens.


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