Who Needs Beaches When There’s Rock Climbing in Miami?

The X-treme Rock Climbing Center in Miami, is the perfect activity for any visitor, whether from out of the country, or out of state it’s hard to stay in shape while playing hard in Miami. Unless you like rock-climbing, then this is a perfect opportunity for you; the X-treme Rock Climbing is one of the best places to climb in the US. It has a variety of difficulty levels placed all over their 14,000 square foot facility. Rock climbing will take you out of your routine workout doldrums and bring in excitement.

The facility has many amenities, including top rope and lead climbing, textured climbing walls, and a great bouldering area. You can also sign up for yoga classes, use their wireless Internet connection, and before climbing, warm-up at their fitness center. The center also offers beginners and advance classes as well as rock climbing clinics. Once there, you will find an on-site pro shop, affordable equipment rentals and there’s plenty of supervision on hand. There’s something for everyone, so bring the entire family or just bring yourself. You’ll find the roofs and overhangs add a nice challenge if you’re an experienced climber, but their USA Climbing Certified route setters are there especially for the beginner. They also offer finger boards and campus boards for those who want to build finger strength.

Located at 13972 Southwest 139th Court, X-treme Rock Climbing Center is conveniently located near any hotel Miami USA offers its international guests. You’ll leave the center excited and wanting to come back everyday you’re here in Miami. If you’ve been to X-treme before, come back again, they change the routes frequently, so there is something new for regulars to climb. Hours are Monday and Wednesday – 3pm to 10pm; Tuesday and Thursday – 11am to 10pm; Friday 11am to 11pm; Saturday – 10am to 10pm and on Sunday – 10am to 8pm.

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  1. I’ve never really been a fan of rock climbing the thought of falling off rocks stops me everytime but after reading your post I might have to give it a chance I just might enjoy it.

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