The Colorado Ballet in Denver

Denver is known for a quite a few reasons and while the most famous of them have to do with either its geography or major sports teams, the city itself is incredibly full of great cultural elements and fabulous entertainment options. It is not only the largest city in the state of Colorado, but it is also one of the top tourist destinations, surpassing even some of the most famous ski resorts. The best Denver hotels provide luxury accommodations and are also excellent information resources on the top entertainment options and major attractions in the city.

The Colorado Ballet is based in Denver and is currently celebrating its 50th season. This is an impressive milestone for any establishment and when it’s arts related it also testifies to the quality and standard of excellence it presents. The anniversary also emphasizes the fact that it is one of Denver’s oldest arts establishments. It was originally established as an educational institution and was founded by two Denver natives Lillian Covillo and Freidann Parker .

Through the decades it has expanded and become the incredible performance based organization it is today and retains its focus on training and educating new generations of dancers. The school was actually established in 1950 and began presenting performances a decade later. The initial intention behind the early shows was to present a showcase performance for the students and the first public performance occurred in 1960.

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