Jack Lord’s Hawaii

The island paradise that is the chain that makes up the great state of Hawai’i registers on everyone’s radar. It’s a place to go to get away from it all, and it’s the perfect spot to hide from the world. It’s also considered to be one of the great wonders of the world, with a perfect setting for a vacation or a honeymoon. It’s also the setting of some pretty memorable tv shows and films, and on the top of the list of these is always Hawaii Five-O.

The show that featured Jack Lord racked up a very strong number in terms of audiences, and also had the traction to last for 12 seasons. This was largely due to the remarkable abilities of Jack Lord to bring the role of Steve McGarrett to life. That role was based on Hollywood icons of male toughness, where a smile was an enemy and every situation needed to be considered for its danger first and foremost. It also became iconic, perpetuating the tough guy and putting it into new dimensions. Even if McGarrett wasn’t exactly nice, he was a good person, and he always did the right thing.

Part of this legacy was carried over into the novel by Cameron Crowe, Fast Times, where the teacher, Mr. Hand, held McGarrett as a role model for life. It is elusive and evocative, and sometimes even the source of a lot of laughs, but it’s also interesting that Jack Lord lived here after the show, up until his death in his 70s . HIs presence here isn’t exactly as ubiquitous as five star Hawaiian hotels , but the mark is just as lasting and deep.

During the filming, it was Lord’s insistence that kept the local Hawaiian presence high, and well-represented. He also headed many philanthropic efforts to benefit the people of Hawaii, and it’s estimated that his contributions are well into the millions. He kept this quiet, and his private life was private, demonstrating an old-school attitude toward all things, including giving what you have been fortunate to receive.

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